Seek Help!

Council Related Issues

If you have complains regarding roads, drainage, trees, parks, street lights and other local issues, you can contact MBPJ by any of the following: -

  1. E-Aduan at:
  2. Email to:
  3. Hotline: 03-7954 2020

NOTE: When you make a complain, please specify the location (road name etc) and attach photos (if applicable). In addition, please specify your name, i/c & contact number. All successful complains will be given a reference number.

If issues persistent and unresolved after making successful complain for very long, please email me at so our ADUN/MP office can follow with MBPJ: -
  1. Specify the complain reference number
  2. Specify location
  3. Explain issue in brief
  4. Attach pictures


Police Contact 

If you see someone suspicious, potential crime happening, crime happening and require police to come asap, please call

Bilik Gerakan Polis PJ: 03-7966 2222

Other contact numbers: -
  1. Balai Petaling Jaya: 03-9766 2256
  2. Balai Damansara: 03-7722 2222
  3. Balai Kelana Jaya: 03-7806 2222
  4. Balai Seapark: 03-7874 2222


Any women related issues (Eg. rape & domestic violent)
Please contact

Human Trafficking
Please contact