Sunday, October 28, 2012

Telecommunication Towers - Health Concern

We've recently received complains from the villagers of Kampung Chempaka regarding their concerns over the health impact of mobile phone towers in the neighborhood. These mobile towers have been there for more than 10 years. Due to the increased awareness over radiation hazards recently, the villagers are worried that the presence of mobile towers in their neighborhood do affect their health.

This article is to explain how mobile towers work, what the international bodies say about the health impact of mobile towers, what standards available in the developed countries that we can use as reference, and lastly, suggestions on how to handle the issues locally at Kampung Chempaka and other residential areas in Malaysia. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What's the Big Fuss about Women's Rights Movement?

When I was complaining about our Women's Minister's remark of "no need for women's rights movement" to my sisters and some of my lady friends, many gave me a puzzled look and asked "I thought we have equal rights already? Why do we need more women's movement?"

First of all, I am not a feminist. This article is not to promote female superiority nor is this to fight for special rights for women. Two years of working in the upstream male-dominated area of oil and gas industry, I know fully well what it means to be competing on even ground with men and that only hard-work, intelligence and good leadership can earn respect, and not special rights.

So, what is the big fuss about women's rights movement? My point can be summarized here: 

We need women's rights movement so that women can enjoy equal rights with men (not special rights) on the basis of human rights for life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. And gender equality is not only a matter of doing the right thing from the social perspective, it is necessary so that Malaysia can reach our full potential in economic growth and development

If you have time, read on the details below.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Huge Opinion Polarization

Thanks to the "LIKE" and "DISLIKE" feature in Youtube (Facebook only has a "LIKE" button, Twitter has none), we probably can have a very rough idea of what the netizens think about our Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak. 

Image below is a print-screen of one of the many most recent Youtube videos of our Prime Minister. As you can see from the image below, out of the 59,975 views, 13,858 users rated the video, and more than 95% are negative responses (dislike).  This is not the only Najib-friendly video that get such a big proportion of negative response. Try to search the Youtube for yourself, you'll see. For the videos that make fun of him or criticize him, most get very high positive response (like). On the contrary, for the videos that are Najib-friendly, most get very high negative response (dislike). 

Can you believe that Najib approval rating across Malaysia is actually steadying in 60-70% in the opinion polls conducted by Merdeka Center? No, Merdeka Center result is not wrong, neither is the statistics in Youtube videos.  Let me explain why. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

20s and 30s, You are the Shareholders of Malaysia!

Part I: Ownership by Share 

Malaysians in 20s and 30s made up of the biggest chunk of the adult population (productive forces) in Malaysia. See chart below for the red and orange bars. If Malaysia is a company, we are the biggest shareholders! As the biggest shareholders of the country, we are supposed to have the biggest voice on how our country is managed and we are also supposed to be the biggest receivers of the wealth of the nation. 

However, do we behave like legitimate shareholders or quiet stakeholders? The reason why we are not receiving the benefits of the shareholders is simply because we have not been doing our part as shareholders. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Sejahtera Malaysia

What a beautiful piano piece from a talented Malaysian, Jason.  

* The pianist is currently based in Taiwan. 

Puji dan syukur pada Ilahi
Anugerahnya tiada terhingga
Kedamaian kemakmuran 
Malaysiaku bahagia

Dengan tekad untuk berjaya
Berbakti pada nusa dan bangsa
Kami junjung cita-cita luhur
Perpaduan seluruh negeri

Seia sekata sehati sejiwa
Menghadapi cabaran
Kami sedia kami setia
Berkorban untuk negara

Bersemarak Malaysia tercinta
Kibarkan panji kebesarannya
Kami rela menjaga namaMu
Sejahtera Malaysia