Friday, November 22, 2013

Yeo Bee Yin's Speech in Selangor State Assembly on 21-Nov-2013

Here's the script my speech in the second sitting of Selangor State Assembly, which starts from 18 Nov to 2 Dec 2013. Speech delivered on 21 Nov 2013 in Bahasa Malaysia. This is the English translation without the official address and 'Dewan language'.  I could only touch on the surface for each topic as the time for debate is limited. I'll update more details (theoretical or empirical) when the State Assembly ends. 

The reason we are all here to discuss about the budget is to discuss how we can best spend every single ringgit we collected from the people into generating more benefits to the society. While there are many things to discuss on how to spend every ringgit, I would like to point out only 3 points in this sitting:-

1. When there is transfer of wealth between different segments of the society through state programs or subsidies, there should always be a net effect of wealth transfer from the top of the pyramid to the bottom of the pyramid. In another word, a progressive transfer.

2. For people not from the bottom of the pyramid, government should invest in budget items that generate good multiplier effect to the society. That is, if we invest RM1 to the project, it will generate more than RM1 of economic and social value.

3. Rakyat monies should not be wasted on the inefficiencies of GLC.

I shall elaborate further.