Friday, May 31, 2013

Media Statement: Stop Being 'BN Apologist'

Minister in Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Paul Low should perhaps do his homework first before attempting to “justify” Malaysia’s poor rankings in the Revenue Governance Index Report

Paul Low should read the Revenue Watch Institute (RWI) 2013 report first before defending the Barisan Nasional government of their inability in resource governance, which is clearly shown by the Malaysia’s poor ranking in the report’s Resource Governance Index (RGI).

In responding to the poor ranking, Paul Low was reported saying that it is because the disclosure of overseas agreements make up a "big item" in the index and Petronas has to respect the host government’s requests for non-disclosure while doing operation overseas. This excuse given is contrary to that stated in the RGI report.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Media Statement: Malaysia Poor Ranking in Resource Governance Index (RGI)

Malaysia fares worse than Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Iraq in the latest Resource Governance Index published by Revenue Watch Institute.

Malaysia ranks 34th out of 58 countries with a score of 46 out of 100 in Resource Governance Index (RGI) published on 8 May 2013 by Revenue Watch Institute (RWI), a non-profit organization that promotes effective, transparent and accountable management of natural resources. Malaysia is categorized as ‘weak’ among the four standards of governance - satisfactory, partial, weak and failing while our neighboring countries Indonesia and Philippine are categorized as partial with better rank of 14th and 23rd respectively. We also tail behind 8 African countries - Ghana (15th), Liberia (16th), Zambia (17th), Morocco (25th), Tanzania (27th), Botswana (30th), Gabon (32nd) and Guinea (33rd) as well as countries like Indonesia Kazakhstan (19th), Venezuela (20th), Azerbajian (28th) and Iraq (29th).

Petroleum sector is one of the most important sectors in Malaysia, representing 10% of gross domestic product and 20% of exports as well as 40% of federal government revenue in 2011.  According to Petroleum Development Act of 1974, Malaysia national oil firm, Petronas, has the exclusive right to manage the petroleum sector and can grant licenses and sign contracts without public scrutiny. It is only accountable to the Prime Minister. Because there’s a lack of disclosure policies, Petronas is currently publishing little information on extractive contracts or resource-funded subsidies. On licensing, it announces the award of licenses through press releases with little details and without the disclosure of the terms and conditions.

Stagnant Water to Dried Land

About 2 weeks ago we've received complains that an abandoned land near SS2 mall and Damansara Bistari has turned into a 'lake' - stagnant water that smells and a potential breeding ground for different diseases. 

So I did a press conference together with the residents, pegawai kesihatan from MBPJ and our councillor Lee Suet Sen on 18 May 2013. The land owner responded to the call and dried up the land. On the right is the picture of the dried land on 28 May 2013.

To all the land owners, please make sure your land don't pose any inconvenience and potential health hazard to the residents around. Thanks. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Flash Flood, Rivers and JPS

I did a press conference on 22 May 2013 together with the residents around Jalan SS21/42a to highlight the urgency of JPS (Jabatan Pengairan dan Saliran) to start their river embankment  project, which was supposed to start on 13 Mar 2013. The JPS contractor has finally started work the following day after the press conference. 

Serious riverbank erosion as a consequence of the lack of concrete embankment not only pose danger to buildings by the side of the river (pic) but also bring significant silting effect (pic) downstream, causing shallower riverbeds and potentially flash flood. In fact, Kampung Chempaka, which is situated downstream from this area, just suffered flash flood about 3 weeks ago at Jalan PJU 1/4. 
Erosion: Dangerous to Buildings by Riverside (upper side of the pic)

Silting Effect: Accumulation of Sediments

Saturday, May 18, 2013

12 Days After GE

I would like to share with you here a beautiful write-up by Lauren Chew, my 17 year-old intern, about her internship with me. Lauren is in the middle in the photo, while her dad by her side. Mr Chew entrusted his daughter to me just a few months before she leaves for US to pursue her study in Political Science.

Do take some time to read this article. It's simply beautiful. This is from a 17 year-old Malaysian girl who witnessed the dirty GE13 and yet still believe that we can change and there is hope for this nation, because beauty outweighs the ugly - infinitely.