Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cinque Terre

Last weekend I went to a trip with 7 course-mates and a friend in Cinque Terre, Italy. Actually, I first heard about this place only about 2 months ago when the idea of going for a class trip popped out in one of our class gathering at Anchor (a nice bar situated by the river side). Cinque Terre means 'five lands'. It was given the name because there are five villages around the area. We stayed in one of the villages called Riomaggiore (pronounced as Rio-ma-yo-re), which was a very small town...

This was definitely an unforgettable trip, both for the place and for the ppl whom I went with. I'll definitely miss the Mediterranean sea and the sunshine, the lovely villages, the cheese and wine, the yummy seafood pasta, and of course my amazing course-mates.

Here is a picture of Cinque Terre.... Isn't it beautiful?