8 Facts about Bee Yin

  • She was born on 26 May 1983 in Segamat and grew up in a small town in Johor called Batu Anam.
  • She was elected as the State Assemblywoman for Damansara Utama in the 13th General Election and with more than 30,000 - vote majority - the highest majority for state seats in the country.
  • She was the youngest member of the Selangor State Legislative Assembly for the 2013-2018 term.
  • She is an engineer by training, with a first-class honours degree from University Technology Petronas.
  • She obtained a master's degree with Commendation from the University of Cambridge Scholarship.
  • She was a recipient of the prestigious Gates Cambridge Scholarship.
  • She is currently the National Assistant Publicity Secretary of the Democratic Action Party (DAP), Vice Chairwoman of Pakatan Harapan Youth, and Political Education Director of DAP Wanita Selangor.
  • She recently publised a book "Reimagining Malaysia" on the need to dream again for Malaysia as well as her take on national policy matters.

Top 8 Agenda for Parliament:

  • To push for institutional reforms and to keep Putrajaya accountable for their spending so that they don't steal or waste taxpayers' monies.
  • To advocate for policies that will ease the burden of the ordinary rakyat.
  • To push for a national economic agenda that will benefit second-tier cities like Muar.
  • To advocate for economic policies that are friendly to micro, small and medium businesses in order to help them compete and thrive.
  • To be a voice for the youth, especially in advocating economic policies that will create more and better jobs with better pay.
  • To be a voice for women in terms of better welfare, protection and equal rights.
  • To push for education reform in order to have better public schools as well as more quality and affordable early childhood education centers.
  • To push for improvement in public healthcare so there are enough medicines and doctors for all Malaysian that need help.

Dear voters of Bakri Parliamentary Seat,

My name is Yeo Bee Yin. Originally from Johor, I was elected in Selangor as the State Assemblywoman for Damansara Utama in the 13th General Election. In this election, I am returning to Johor because Johor is the key battleground for this election. The key to change the country's direction and the fate of our next generation is right here in my beautiful home state - Johor, the place where I grew up and call home.

My fellow Johoreans, our beloved country is at the corssroad of history. It saddens me to see the country that was once called one of the "Asian Tigers" alongside South Korea and Singapore, is now being labelled by the international community as a "kleptocracy" - a country governed by thieves.

While family members and cornies of Barisan Nasional leaders get to buy diamonds, a mega yatch and luxury condominiums aborad with monies stolen from the rakyat, all of us are being burdened by ever increasing taxes, especially the Goods and Services Taxes(GST). Subsidies, scholarships and even medicines in public hospitals have been cut. The prices of goods have increased greatly in the last few years but salaries have remained stagnant.

My fellow Malaysians, we deserve a better government. The time for change has come. From my experience in Selangor, I can testify that a change of government will give us a better life.

Vote for change, vote for a better tomorrow for all Malaysians and our future generations.

Yours sincerely,
Yeo Bee Yin
Pakatan Harapan
Parliamentary Candidate for Bakri

Top 8 Local Agenda:

  • To unleash the potential of the tourism industry in Muar to create more business opportunities and jobs for Muarians as Muar is a beautiful place with amazing food, unique historical heritage and rich culture.
  • To push for a lion dance museum in Muar that displays the history of the lion dance culture in Muar and the glorious moments of Muar lion dance in the international arena.
  • To advocate for policies that catalyze the growth of the furniture industry in Muar with better infrastructure and incentives; more opportunities for small and medium players; and more jobs for locals.
  • To advocate for more Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) opportunities for Muar youths who are not academically-inclined, to equip them with skills needed in local or other high-potential industries that offer good-paying jobs for skilled workers.
  • To advocate for a designated area to be a permanent habitat for the endangered Burung Botak and other bird spesies. This will not only preserve these bird spesies that are getting rarer by the day around the world but also open up eco-tourism opportunities for Muar.
  • To push for more incentives for agricultural downstream industries, for example pineapple-based end products, to help increase the income of farmers and create more entrepreneurial and job opportunities in Bukit Naning and surrounding area.
  • To advocate for more strategic programs for small and medium-sized palm-oil and other agricultural plantation entrepreneurs in Muar to improve their 'safety net' in the face of plant diseases and weather risks as well as to increase their land productivity and boost their income.
  • To advocate for initiatives to preserve the rich Chinese culture of Bukit Bakri Chinese Village such as adding Chinese names onto local road signs and bulding a meaningful arch (pintu gerbang).