Thursday, January 16, 2014

Open Letter to Prime Minister: Be a Man, Make Your Stand

Dear Prime Minister, 

Since 2 January, our country has once again plunged into the "Allah" chaos, a unique scenario that can be found only in Malaysia. The whole world is laughing at us but that doesn't bother me. What bothers me is this question that keeps lingering in my mind: where does the future lie?

It breaks my heart when I see our country wasting time fighting over the name of God instead of focusing on saving the declining quality of education, the lack of opportunities for the young and the many thousands of rural villages in Sabah and Sarawak that are still deprived of basic necessities.

It also breaks my heart when I see the bond we built as a nation since independence now on the verge of ruin. The gaps between us have just become wider. We have now a situation in Malaysia where someone may have to accept permanent state of inferiority and find himself more like an exile in his own land. This is surely not what our forefathers wanted when they first started this nation.

Mr. Prime Minister,

Malaysia's biggest disease now is hypocrisy. Religion has been repeatedly used to stir up emotions and hatred among the people for political gain. This is not a new weapon, throughout the history it has been used by those who could not prevail, either by persuasion or deeds.

I hope you'll do better than that, don't resort to such schemes to hide your inability to lead and govern.

I remember that you once likened the struggle of UMNO to that of Nelson Mandela's. I would like to remind you that Nelson Mandela had never resorted to splitting his country to gain political power. He stood for what is right and just, even if that meant having to go to jail for 27 years.

I will be very grateful if you, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, posses even the slightest bit of his moral strength. Have you the nerve and the will to stand and speak for what is right?

Mr. Prime Minister,

We must put an end to this "Allah" war soonest possible or it will put an end to our dream as a great nation.

Why are you keeping quiet?

I hate to admit that, but you are the one that should give the final call on the "Allah" issue because only your words will not be twisted and played up by the mainstream media.

We have no time to fight over "Allah" again and again. It is time to fight poverty, corruption, ignorance and incompetency. It is time to build up a prosperous, democratic and progressive nation.

So I ask you now, for the good of all of us and for the love this great nation: please, tell us, how do we move forward?

Mr. Prime Minister,

For your information, my colleagues and I have made a stand as the lawmakers of Selangor after JAIS raided Bible Society of Malaysia (BSM). We stood on the promises of our forefathers as written in the Federal Constitution of Malaysia, that everyone has the right to profess, practice and manage his and her own religion.

As for you, you announced the 10-point solution before the election but kept incredibly silent after 2 January. Is the 10-point solution nothing but a tool for you to win power? Does Putrajaya still stand-by the 10-point solution? It is exactly 2 weeks from JAIS's raid but you've made no comment about this. Is this what the Prime Minister supposed to be?

As a lawmaker of Selangor, I have made my stand clear over this issue, the very obligation the people have voted me to do. I am expecting greater conviction and greater courage from you, the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

So, be a man, make your stand.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

Yeo Bee Yin

State Assemblywoman of Damansara Utama
16 January 2014