My Work

Youth Engagement

Since taking her office in May 2013, Yeo Bee Yin has been invited to speak to youths at different places - universities, NGOs, churches and conferences. To date, she’s spoken to around 10,000 Malaysian youths. See below some of the pictures of her speaking engagements.

Sharing at Methodist College Kuala Lumpur on Her Journey As A Young Politician

Speaking at CPPS Malaysian Youth Public Policy Roundtable on 
Issues that Concern Malaysian Youths

Speaking to Malaysian Students at University of Washington 
during her visit to Seattle

Speaking to International Delegates in Power Shift 2015 on 
Climate Change and its impact in policy making for ASEAN countries

She also accepts regular interview requests by university students to help them understand the country and how youths can contribute to nation building.

Many Interview Sessions with the College Students on Youths in Nation Building 

Youth Development and Empowerment

She has also started a leadership camp for university students known as Leadership, Education, Activism and Politics (LEAP), which educates students on political processes and activism in Malaysia (party formation, election campaign, constituent management, media relation, coalition formation and debates).

Pictures of LEAP Camp 

She constantly takes in interns in her office; teaching and developing them on different aspects of nation building. She has trained more than 20 interns in just 2 years in the office. 

Internship Application Poster 

Her office runs different programs and constantly encourages youth volunteerism. To date, more than 100 young volunteers have volunteered in her program in one way or another.

Young Volunteers at Kem Pendidikan Anak-anak Ladang at Semenyih

Voice for Malaysians

Bee Yin constantly raises issues on clean governance, human rights and justice. Just to name a few, she spoke against the former and current Menteri Besar of Selangor without fear or favor.  Even in the White House and knowing the Najib-Obama relationship, she raised issue of the cracking down on the opposition and Anwar’s imprisonment in her visit to the White House. 

At White House Questioning Obama's Position on 
Malaysian Opposition Crackdown and Jailing of Anwar 

Questioning Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim 
on the The Non-Transparency of Selangor Water Deal MOU Signing

Raising Concern to Azmin Ali the Newly Established State Investment Firm 
Dahrul Ehsan Investment Group (DEIG)

Non-conventional Ground Work

Knowing the urgency to change the government and election cannot be won with just typical urban votes, she has been actively involved in helping DAP to break non-conventional ground including in the rural areas and among the Malay youths to open new frontier for the DAP. She was actively involved in Impian Malaysia projects since the first Impian Sarawak project at Kampung Sait and first Impian Fund-raising campaign that raised more than RM300,000.

Impian Sarawak First Recce Trip at Kampung Sait

She constantly organizes programs that help the party to engage with Malay youths so that they can understand more of DAP to know that DAP is not anti-Islam and anti-Malay as portrayed by the the mainstream media. 

Recruiting Young Malay Members to DAP

Responding to Demonstration at a DAP Malay-targeted Program in Shah Alam

Marginalized Communities in Damansara Utama

Beside basic constituency works, Bee Yin has also started 3 major social program (in addition to state government programs) for the low-income families in her constituency including two free tuition centers that hold around a total 20 classes every week, monthly food voucher for hard-core poor to buy daily necessities and free taxi-scheme to provide transport for the poor and disabled to the hospitals and government agencies (to overcome the lack of public transport). 

Food Bank Program, which later changed to voucher system 
for daily necessities subsidies

Majlis Anugerah for Students of DU Free Tuition Centres

Launch of Free Taxi Scheme in Collaboration with MyTeksi


When disaster hits... 

Post-flood work at Mentakab

Represent DAP to Visit Pos Tohoi for the 7 Missing Orang Asli Case