Friday, August 10, 2012

Hope of Jubilee

Malaysia is celebrating her 49th birthday in the coming 16 September. This year around, NECF theme of the 40 days fast and pray is Hope of Jubilee. Here is the booklet! 

Israel observe Jubilee every 50th year of nationhood. As a nation, Malaysia is celebrating 49th birthday this year and stepping into our year of Jubilee. In the year of Jubilee, 3 things are to be done: restoration, release and rest. So far, one chapter that particularly touched me is the Day 3: Restoration. Here is what is written in the booklet: 

" In the Year of Jubilee, God commands all lands to be restored to their original owners.....In our national context, there is a great cry for restoration. Lands and wealth have been robbed, rights have been trampled on, institutions and administrations have been abused and harmony has been neglected. Our children are at risk of inheriting a bankrupt, corrupt and divided nation. But the spirit of Jubilee presents a promise and opportunity to reverse these circumstances...." 

The potential of this nation has been robbed by rampant corruption and short-shortsightedness of the current leadership. Our human right has been seriously violated by draconian rule of ISA, BN dictatorial control over main media and the unfair electoral rules with no sincere intention of reformation.  I am praying that in this year of Jubilee, God will restore the right of this nation back to the original owner - the Rakyat.  

May God restore true freedom back to people in Malaysia.