Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dear Government (from a Klang Valley young lady)

(This is what I think a common urban lady in their 20s would ask the BN government about recent rise in crime rate.)

Dear Government, 

I've been hearing a lot about the hoo-haa in politics how our lives can be better under the opposition. I don't know how true it is lah since I can barely remember any politicians names and faces. They keep talking about subsidies, taxes, this index, that index, all of these terms sound so unfamiliar to me. Paiseh, paiseh. 

But recently I found something is wrong and become really confused. 

Last month, my neighbor house got break in even though our area is actually gated and guarded. Actually right, I don't understand why we need gated and guarded at the first place???? According to the uncles and aunties, we need to pay for the gated and guarded service because the police in this area cannot protect us, we need to protect ourselves. But why???? You have no money to hire enough police to protect us meh? Cannot be what, I thought Petronas pay a lot of tax to you each year from our oil revenue? Where does the money go?

Getting back to the topic, after the break in, during a conversation of my parents with my victim neighbor, I heard my dad said, "never mind lah, as long as nobody is injured, it's ok".  I remember I said the same thing to one of my friends whose handbag get snatched last year, "never mind lah, as long as you are not injured, it's ok". O ya, last week I went out with my friends, his car window was broken when we were mamak-ing. When we saw that, although a bit angry, we also said to each other "never mind la, as long as none of us is injured, it's ok". 

Since when Malaysians have learnt to set such low expectation on our police (or not at all) for the police to arrest the criminals? 

And Mr Government, I like shopping and go out at night for mamak-ing. But I forgot since when I no longer dare to park my car far far, and if there's opportunity, I'll not park in a multi-level parking unless I know the security there is not bad. I feel insecure despite some big shot among you told me that it's 'mere perception'.  Just in case you don't know, many shopping malls now have their own security teams to ensure the safety of their car parks especially for the ladies (thank goodness!) These 2 months I've heard a lot of argument hurling back and fro among you and the opposition. You guys keep arguing about the numbers and statistics, the index crime and the non-index crime. You said that the total crime rate has actually decreased. Actually right, I don't understand any of those numbers at all. 

We the young ladies, are wired just so differently, statistics doesn't convince us, it confuses us. 

But but but..... I only have a few questions.....

If crime is really perception and crime rate decreases, why all these people want to pay for private security team and the gated and guarded? Why we feel  more insecure now than ever? Why???  

You can give me good numbers and statistics, but I cannot believe in something that is counter-intuitive, however innocent and ignorant I am. Sorry ya, your "cosmeticization" of statistics just remind of my own face, before and after make-up. You get what I meant? Hehehehe. 

O ya, Mr Government, I am really angry to see two statutory rapists not jailed!!!! I am really worried about my cousins who are still underage and can't imagine them victimized and worse still, justice not brought to them in the court. 

I feel insecure as a lady in Malaysia now, the police and the court are both not protecting us enough, and yet, you have not done something about it.

So ya, please stop giving excuses and stop bragging about your beautiful statistics, please do something. 

We'll definitely appreciate more if you can layout a blueprint and execute it to protect us. 

I hope you'll hear my voice. Will you? 

An urban young lady