Monday, January 21, 2013

Keep your ideal, Amanda!

This morning, I came across an article written by Amanda Fan at TMI entitled "Come home, Malaysians!" (here) and closed the window after reading it. After a while I thought I should have shared it on FB, so I googled for the article. Then I found another article written by Timothy Tiah back in 2011 with the same title "Come Home Malaysians" (here). Now I am seeing the Malaysiakini sharing the same article by Amanda with a different title "Stay and help change Malaysia for the better" (here

Since I decided to chill a bit today and brain drain has always been an issue that is very close to my heart, I read all the comments at all the 3 sites. Many people left comments to Amanda and Timothy Tiah to tell them the real problem and advised them to get down to the reality. To summarize all of those comments, the overall dilemma are the following, 'how can we encourage people to come back to Malaysia when there is no equal opportunity?' 'how can we encourage them to come back when they can earn much more and reach their full potential else where?' We just can't. Unfortunately, we just can't. 

Nevertheless, I AM WITH YOU AMANDA! Hold on to that ideal and never let it die even when the reality hits in. Study hard, excel in your university and come back to serve the nation never mind the imperfections. And when you are back, make sure you are actively involved in making a difference here in Malaysia, big or small.

Having said all that, be ready for the difficult reality. When I was back in the end of 2010, my first Malaysian salary was less than 15% of what I was previously paid. Even doing my own business now, I am still earning less than what I used to earn.  And before you know it, you'll soon find that your peers who decided to work elsewhere are earning much more and living a much better life than you do. But Amanda, you know what, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I've met many professional Malaysians who decided to come back to serve the country regardless of pay and promotion, some of them even chose to work in the governmental sectors to improve the efficiency. Just like you probably will, I admire them for what they are doing.

Amanda, holding on to that ideal is not easy at all, but I strongly believe that there is HOPE for CHANGE. Let's do our part to make this land a better land, and when we are done, we'll never regret the decision we make today. 

So Amanda, are you REALLY ready for that? If yes, I welcome you to join us in the journey of change in Malaysia.  


  1. Yby, I love Malaysia , we love Malaysia ! I alway believe our country can reach greater achievement in economy & production & ofcoz to recover back its beauty of nature which was ruined. I hope more professional to come back to help change our country. I believe we can. For the sake of next generation.

  2. Published: Thursday March 14, 2013 MYT 9:42:00 PM

    KUALA LUMPUR: Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) candidates are allowed to take two additional subjects despite the implementation of a 10-subject limit since 2010, said Education director-general Tan Sri Abdul Ghafar Mahmud (pix), bringing the total to 12.

    SPM students are required to take six core subjects, namely Bahasa Melayu, English, History, Mathematics, Science, and Islamic Studies or Moral Education.

    The rest can be made up of elective subjects including Chinese Literature, Tamil Literature, Syariah Islamiah Studies, Al-Quran and Al-Sunnah Studies, Islamic Tasawwur, and Visual Art Studies.

    He was clarifying Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin's statement that the 10-subject limit for SPM students remained unchanged. Bernama

    Another flip flop policy by the incompetent ministry of education. The minister's statement is contradicting with his officers.

    What is the meaning of limiting the subjects that a student may take?

    1. If a person is interested in a subject, why can't they be given liberty to study it and take examinations for it?

    2. Why if I fail BM, I fail SPM?

    3. Why with the reversal of policy, more Islamic electives are introduced?

    4. Why can't an equal amount of promotion of technical subjects as electives be introduced? (such as advance biology, advance mathematics, , basic medicine, computer studies, nanotechnology and so on...)
    It may sound advance, but in this competitive world, exposing our young in early age with give them the edge.

    6. In my days, if the school does not have teacher to teach the electives, we had to seek tuition independently. Not to mention all these is being finance by our family. So there should be no problems about teachers.

    7. Why we need to study history which is distorted and contain Islamic - centric subjects in it?

    8. Why certain subjects, such as English/BM/history be made a mandatory pass in SPM, to obtain SPM certificate? People should be given liberty to choose to excel in any subject they wish, by which failing the above mention subject will not affect his future. For example, a shoemaker does not need the above to excel and obtain OBE award in England.

    ---panthera tigris malaya----

  3. What is there to discuss about the education system in Malaysia. Leaders of UMNO, MCA & MIC choose to send their children to countries like UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand or Canada for education. Some of these children are still at the primary or secondary level.
    When our political leaders do not have trust & confidence in our education system. What do you expect ?