Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Yeo Bee Yin: Who’s behind Jamal Yunos on his YAWAS allegation against me?

Media Statement by Yeo Bee Yin, ADUN for Damansara Utama on Wednesday 22 March 2017 in Petaling Jaya.

Yesterday I received calls from the reporters that Jamal Yunos has lodged a police report against me on the management of Skim Mesra Usia Emas (SMUE) fund. This is a false allegation against me.

Nothing to Hide

I’ve taken a look at the video and picture of his press conference yesterday. The document that he hold in his hand is the exact document that can prove that we have submited all the necessary documents to the land office for check and balance.

The last column are the dates of documents recoup, which means that we’ve disbursed the fund and the signed receipts by the beneficiaries together with the copies of the identify cards of the beneficiaris and the deceased as well as the death certificate of the deceased have been submitted to the land office. 

He challenged me to show the proof and deny the allegation. Here’s the proof. I am showing here 10 ring files with the supporting documents of all the SMUE payments we made. If the files are stacked on top of each other, it will be more than 75cm high! (picture above) 

We are open, transparent and have nothing to hide. We showed not only the account but the receipts and all the relevant documents of the SMUE payments we made. Can Jamal Yunus apply the same standard to 1MDB? Can 1MDB and its subsidiaries do the same by opening up its accounts? And not only the accounts, but also each payment they made?

Who's behind Jamal? 

Most importantly, I can’t help but to be suspicious of why I suddenly become the target of Jamal Yunus. I’ve been demanding Rosmah Mansor to resign as the patron of Permata for the past one week. 

While defending her boss, Rizal Mansor has also on his Facebook post on 18 March added the following sentence, Tabung YAWAS Dun Damansara Utama pula apa kisahnya ? Jeng...jeng...jeng...” (YAWAS is the fund used for SMUE.) Just a few days later, I become the target of Jamal Yunus on the same matter. 


Is it by coincidence? Who’s the boss behind Jamal Yunus? Does this someone behind Jamal Yunus want to disturb and distract me so I do not pursue the matter on Permata further? Is this tactic to divert the attention? 

Full Press Conference Facebook Live Record: