Wednesday, February 17, 2016

UM should not punish the students for holding press conference

Six of these University of Malaya (UM) students were faced with disciplinary proceeding by the university 2 days ago (15 Feb) just because they hold a press conference to raise the issue of Internet quota in the university. It is inconceivable that such simple press conference could get them into hot water.


I wonder how UM as an institution of higher learning can encourage students to think critically in the search for knowledge if it can't even tolerate simple dissent like internet quota. No, this is not what a world class university, which UM aspires to be, would do. 

The time the university management takes to think of how to discourage dissents should be better spent on how to improve the R&D in the university, how to attract more good faculty members, how to equip the students with skills that are important to the job market etc etc. 

I sincerely hope that UM will decide not to punish the 6 students after the proceeding because punishing them will make UM a laughing stock in the world of academia and I still very much hope to take pride in the oldest university of our country.

By the way, 2 of the 6 students, Hananie and Suhail, participated in one of the young leadership (LEAP) camp our office organized. I am extremely proud of them. I can't say this enough - nothing is more dangerous to a country than ignorance and indifference of the young generation. So let the young people rise up and speak for their generation!