Saturday, November 28, 2015

Post DAPSY Election

I am especially thankful to my team members. Despite our lost, I just wanna to tell you that we have fought a good fight. We have started to know each other more in this campaign period and I believe that the friendship we built will last beyond this election to our future works. Words cannot express how much I cherish each of your friendship, support and help.

In addition, I want to thank all of you who during this journey become friends in need for me. Some of you send me many texts to encourage me; some of you belanja me eat nice meals, I still remember one of you belanja me eat KFC when I was very down during the campaign period, that chicken tasted like heaven, haha! Some of you prayed earnestly for me; some of you campaigned harder for me than I for myself.....there are just so many of you that have helped me along the way, and after I have lost, every one of you who has cared and encouraged me, I will forever remember that.

Overall, I am just so grateful to each of you. With you, I know I am not alone.