Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Protect the Kids not Paedophiles

Below is my full statement responding to the intention of Shafie Apdal and MARA of giving Nur Fitri the Paedophiles an easy second chance. 

Media Statement of Yeo Bee Yin, State Assemblywoman of Damansara Utama on Wednesday 6 May 2015 in Petaling Jaya. 

No Unconditional Second Chance for Nur Fitri the Paedophile

We are disgusted by the statement made by the Minister of Rural and Regional Development Mohd Shafie Apdal on the government intention to appeal to the court of London to lessen the Nur Fitri's sentence in London. Shafie Apdal must explain to the public why the government should spend tax payers money (our government resources in London) to lessen the punishment for a paedophile? Such government action will send a terribly wrong signal to Malaysian that paedophile is alright.  Nur Fitri is a disgrace to our country and the fact that Shafie Apdal intend to appeal for him is even more disgraceful. 

Our children's right to protection is far more important than the freedom of paedophile. If we want to protect the most vulnerable, we must be stern to the convict. Where is Datuk Rohani Abdul Rohani on this issue? She should speak up against her colleague for the right of the children to be protected. 

In addition, we strongly disagree with MARA and the student group which are calling to give Nur Fitri a second chance by allowing him to study in the local institutions in Malaysia upon his return. In fact, MARA should now review its scholarship selection policy on why was he given scholarship? Tax payers monies wasted on a paedophile! 

We believe that Nur Fitri must serve his full term in the UK and must also be proven to be fully rehabilitated upon his return before any institution in Malaysia can consider his admission. 

The government must protect our children from people like Nur Fitri. Strict punishment, proper rehabilitation and close monitoring after their sentence are very important. We must make sure that convicts like Nur Fitri are fully rehabilitated upon their release from jail. There must be personnels who are in charge of monitoring their behaviours for an extended period of time beyond their jail terms. Former convicts should be prohibited by law from taking jobs that are related to children such as teachers and coaches.

Lastly, we would like to stress once again that our priority should always be protecting the children over the freedom and well-being of the paedophiles.

Yeo Bee Yin 

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