Friday, October 3, 2014

CALLING FOR TALENTS – “Bestnya Malaysiaku” Wall Art Competition

Pusat Khidmat ADUN Damansara Utama is proud to present to you “Bestnya Malaysiaku” Wall Art Competition. We are calling for local talents to join us to give facelift to SS2 (Petaling Jaya) commercial centre. There are a total of 22 walls at SS2 commercial center to be decorated in ANY FORMS OF ART - paint, spray, installation etc.  


Phase 1: Submission of Proposals 

Participants (individual or group) are required to fill up the online form ( with the details of their concepts, preferred wall, materials needed, budget etc. 

Closing date for proposal submission: 27 Oct 2014

Phase 2: Implementation of Ideas

22 finalists will be selected to put up their proposed artworks on the walls. 

Announcement of finalists: 31 Oct 2014 

Finalists will have a maximum of 8 days to complete their works at any of the following date(s): 8/11, 9/11, 15/11, 16/11, 22/11, 23/11, 29/11 and 30/11. 

Announcement of Winners: 6 December 2014 


We will sponsor the required materials to a maximum budget of RM1,500 per wall. Participants are free to find their own sponsors or use free materials such as recycled materials. 


First Prize: RM 3000 
Second Prize: RM 2000
Third Prize: RM 1000
Consolation Prize (x3): RM 500
Other finalists (x16): RM 200


1. The concept of the entry must be original and should not touch on sensitive issues. 
2. The organizer reserves the right to suggest changes to the design during the proposal phase. 


Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya (MBPJ) and Street Art Movement (S.A.M)


17, Jalan SS2/55
39, Jalan SS2/55
80, Jalan SS2/60
20, Jalan SS2/61
38, Jalan SS2/61
40, Jalan SS2/61
20, Jalan SS2/63
22, Jalan SS2/63
1, Jalan SS2/64
23, Jalan SS2/64
43, Jalan SS2/64
45, Jalan SS2/64
2, Jalan SS2/66
24, Jalan SS2/66
44, Jalan SS2/66
46, Jalan SS2/66
4, Jalan SS2/67
24, Jalan SS2/67
26, Jalan SS2/67
54, Jalan SS2/67
9, Jalan SS2/75
33, Jalan SS2/75

* The walls are by the side of the above corner lots facing the side lanes.