Friday, September 6, 2013

Impian Sarawak: Running Water is a Basic Right

Remember the several days of water shortage in Klang Valley? Not having running water is surely a pain to many of us. Nevertheless, in many native villages in Sarawak, tap water is a luxury. 

If it doesn't rain for 3 days, villagers will have to get water from the nearby river, to bath and do laundry there.

The whole Kampung Sait was asked to shift by the government 2 years ago to a higher ground to give way to the construction of Bengoh Dam, which will serve as a water reservoir to the town, sending water to the taps in town when needed. 

Here is a picture of Bengoh Dam under construction. 

Ironically, it is this most affected group of people from the construction of Bengoh Dam that is deprived of running water. Bengoh Dam is about RM 60 million and a gravity water feed system that will make running water possible for every household in Kampung Sait only cost about RM25,000. It is a pure injustice.

There are many other similar stories around Sarawak.

Running water is not a privilege but a basic right. Let’s return water right to our fellow Malaysians in Sarawak. Sarawak and Malaysia deserve a better government. Change will not be possible without Pakatan Rakyat going to the ground and running small projects that give tangible benefits to the rural Sarawak. 
This is what Impian Sarawak campaign is all about. 

Our first rural project is to build gravity water feed system at Kampung Sait. If you have time, please join as volunteer. For more information about the campaign, visit us at: