Monday, April 8, 2013

Quick Updates

Dear readers of this blog, 

It's been a long time since I've updated my blog. For those who are expecting sustainable development and urban planning articles from me (which I've  mentioned in my previous blog that I am going to write) and those who requested me to write more in Chinese, please be patient ya, I am a bit busy now.

So what have I been up to? 

I've been tied up with the preparation works for DAP social media election strategy, planning and execution. Najib said that this is a social media election, and if there's one thing that I would finally agree with him, it would be this. That's why we have been working really hard to make sure everything fell into place come election time. Today should be the last day of preparation, tightening loose ends and waiting for the nomination and election dates to confirm!! **phew** 

In the DAP and Pakatan Rakyat, we are facing huge disadvantage over our opponent in term of election publicity. To describe that it would be this: David vs Goliath. Our main disadvantages are media and money. 

The main media (TV, radio and newspaper) are all controlled by the Barisan Nasional. O ya, Rais Yatim did say that Pakatan Rakyat are allowed 10 minutes to present our manifesto in RTM. But they are enjoying the remaining of the 1430 minutes of the day?? This is the biggest humiliation to the democracy of this country!! In term of money, our fund is no where near, Barisan Nasional has literally splashing tax-payer money everywhere to get votes. RM 2 million for Psy in Penang is peanut, they've just spent RM 36 million last month alone on Astro advertisement!

So guys, it's going to be a tough fight. And yes, we are on a very disadvantaged position, but LAWAN TETAP LAWAN. And remember, in that story, David defeated Goliath with just one stone. Hopefully with our works and campaigns in the cyber world, we can nullify their monopoly in the media and huge financial resources. If you are active on Facebook, you'll see a lot more from us after the nomination and election dates are confirmed. Also, we have just launched UBAH TV, an online 24 hours TV channel, please help us promote. You can access to the online channel at:  

I just want to let you know that, behind all the videos, graphics and UBAH TV that you see or are going to see on Facebook, Youtube and online, are a group of young, talented and dedicated staffs and volunteers. They have been working days and nights. Hopefully our works will pay off with a change of regime! That will be the biggest reward for us all.

Over in PJ, I have continued to work with Theresa Lim (Chairman of JKKK Kampung Chempaka) to serve people in Kampung Chempaka. We've just got the land geran for about 50 residents here. Many the residents have applied for those lands for many many years to no avail. In fact, this is the first ones to be approved after almost 10 long years. There should be an institutionalised change in term of new village land planning (which I shall discuss perhaps in the future), but for this point of time, what we could do was to help the residents to first solve their immediate problems. Here is the picture when we give away the geran to the residents.

When the federal government gave away their vote-buying BR1M (Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia), they seem to have forgotten that many of the old people did not know how to apply for it. BR1M though a BN program, the money belong to the rakyat, so we've started a 4 weeks registration drive in the Kg Chempaka and Kg Damansara to help the the residents to register BR1M so those eligible will be able to get their RM500. I've decided that we should help them to apply online straight so to reduce clerical errors of paper applications. Here are the pictures of us in one of those registration drive nights. 

If you notice, many of the volunteers are young (some not in the picture), the young I am talking about here is really young, teens and early twenties. But I must admit that they are way better than me in network and computer! Above all, I am so encouraged to see them coming out to serve the community in young age, and youth like that are hope to our society. 

Source: Chinese Rocket Fanpage

Source: Chinese Rocket Fanpage

I have many more to update you all, but left with very little time, tons of work waiting now. I must apologize for my pasar English in this letter. Bye!

Ubah Sekarang, Bersihkan Malaysia!

Bee Yin