Join DAP

Do you want to make a difference in Malaysia? 

If yes, I would like to invite you here to join me in DAP to build a Malaysia for all Malaysians.

Don't worry, joining a political party is not becoming a politician (unless you want to be one). You can contribute in the ways that you consider suitable. It can be volunteering at our local events, projects and election campaigns or if you will, taking part more actively in the party.

Believe it or not, by joining a political party, you play a much more active role in nation building than ordinary voters. Malaysia political system is based on Westminster Parliamentary System. In this system, voters can only vote for a party. The leaders of the ruling party, who are elected only by the their party members, will then be the leaders of the state/country. Therefore, voting right in a Party Election is as important as voting right in the General Election because you get to choose the leaders of the state/country.

See here why I chose to join DAP. If DAP is also the party of your choice, you can email me at